IMG can be a CD or a DVD mage file similar to an ISO file; it can be an archival format for floppy disks; an image generated by MAC, etc. Its characteristics vary as well, and depending on the format style it supports from 1 up to 24 bits per pixel.

Because this image format is very diverse compatibility is the main issue involved. Convert IMG to JPEG is one of the way to mark this formate more widely recognized and be suitable for sharing in the web.

If you want convert IMG format to JPEG file, you just need to upload your IMG file and it will convert automatically.

How to convert img to jpeg?

Step 1: Upload your target file from your local computer and then click "Upload Now"

Step 2: The online convert system will upload your chosen file.

Step 3: You need to select which picture format you want to convert. Here you may choose JPEG format.

Step 4: You may configure the parameters of your convert files.

Step 5: Click "Convert Now" to finish the process.